COndor TAsk COnverter

CoTaCo is a basic tool to convert Condor flight plans (.fpl) to XCSoar tasks (.tsk) or LK8000 tasks (.lkt) or SeeYou tasks (.cup)

It handles both Condor 1 and Condor 2.

It is possible to create a profile file (.prf) with the following information:
- airspace file (if penalty zones have been defined)
- map (.xcm)
- glider polar (.xcp) (fixed ballast is taken into account)
- turnpoints file (.cup)

Maximum departure (including a possible safety margin) and minimum finish altitudes are directly written to the converted file.
If minimum or maximum altitudes are specified for a turnpoint, they will be written at the end of the turnpoint name (XCSoar only)

“Window” type turnpoints will be converted to “line” (except for SeeYou)

AATs zones are supported for both XCSoar and LK8000

Condor penalty zones are converted to OpenAir format (.txt)

It is possible to run a batch file after execution (e.g. to transfer files to another device)

It is also possible to import a task defined in a .cup file into a Condor flight plan (.fpl).

Manual (English)

Previous versions:
Version 3.2 Zip package
Version 3.1 Zip package
Version 2.1 Zip package

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