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Polars for XCSoar and LK8000

These polar curves can be used with XCSoar or LK8000.
They have been computed with data taken from the Condor polar curves.
For each glider. there are two files (except for single seaters whose fixed ballast is 0)
- glider.xcp : minimum dry mass (single-seaters : no fixed ballast. two-seaters : one pilot)
- glider-FXB.xcp : maximum dry mass (single-seaters : fixed ballast. two-seaters : two pilots).
With these files, for the same amount of water, the wing loading in XCSoar is identical to the one computed in Condor.

The agreement between the calculated polars and the Condor polars is rather good, except for the Duo-Discus whose polar drops above 150 kph (at minimum mass).
It is not possible to approximate such a curve with a parabola and, if we want to have a better agreement at higher speeds, it will lead to overestimate the performance at lower speeds, which is in my opinion not desirable. The Duo-Discus calculated polar remains good up to a McCready setting of 5 at maximum mass.

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